The Last Captain

May 22, 2017, marks the release of “The Last Captain”, the second part of the Linear Cycle. Continuing from the end of “Either Side of Night”, this short story advances the tale of the Valtian Empire’s fall, recounted as the misguided adventure of Captain Kalle Varens, the most senior officer remaining in the ruined city of Midra. Here’s the blurb:

Midra, jewel of the Valtian Empire, lies in ruins. The Touched, human bodies controlled and animated by magic, are gone. What they have left behind is a city devastated, a people diminished and shaken. Yet they are not broken.

Kalle Varens, captain of the Valtian army, led the heroic defense of Midra’s survivors. Now, as the smoke clears, he has a new mission. For the Valtian Empire’s grandest city is without its high king, and rebuilding requires leadership. The road is dangerous. The Touched are still out there, and they are on the move. The empire’s fate lies in this race against time, a race led by the last captain.

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