Nocturne is my second full-length novel, released July 3, 2017. It’s a fantasy story, probably the “purest” fantasy I’ve ever written. There is magic, and it’s central to the plot. That plot indeed revolves around the magic system, but it’s also full of suspense, political machinations, revolution, and social commentary.

He is the Nocturne, and this is his story.

In a world where children are marked for life by the hour of their birth, one man breaks the rules. In Velin, those born in the dark, moonless night are perceived as treacherous thieves, while their brethren of the day are lifted up, glorified. But Shade entered the world in a brief window of darkness within the day, a phenomenon seen once a generation.

He is neither, yet he is both. Now, he must use the combination of day and night to solve the riddle of his past, but also to save the future of a people. Hunted by church and crown alike, the road he walks is long and lonely, yet he knows there is no one else. Only Shade. Only the Nocturne.

One of those searching for him is Kellis Matene, an inspector in training. Her superiors gave her the case of a man born in the night, calling on his fellows, urging action. A rebel, a traitor. As a king dies, a pretender emerges, and Kellis must solve a mystery. All she has to go on is a single name: the Nocturne.

At present, Nocturne is a standalone novel, though its ending is intentionally left open for the possibility of a sequel. And unlike many of my stories, it’s pretty set in its genre. There’s no hidden machinery, no real-world trappings, no sci-fi elements in the background. Pure fantasy, but a fantasy that is very much affected by our reality.

Nocturne is available on Patreon for readers who are willing to pledge a minimum of $1 a month. If you’d rather buy it outright, you can find it at the Kindle store for $3.99. And for the first time ever, I’ve written a book that is available in digital and paperback editions on the same day! That’s right. Amazon also stocks the paperback version of Nocturne for the low, low price of $12,99. Later on, I hope to expand to other markets, but that’s for another day.