The Linear Cycle

The Linear Cycle, my six-part series of dark fantasy short stories, is now available in a single omnibus paperback edition on Amazon for $11.95.

Lines cross the lands of the Valtian Empire, lines of magic that channel the power of the arcane throughout the realm like blood in a body. Like any vein, they can be cut, they can be healed, and they can be poisoned. In a land where everyone knows magic, where almost everyone uses magic, that poison spreads swiftly, touching all those who draw upon the lines, turning them into walking horrors.

Some survive by hiding away. Others fight, battling both the forms that had been their friends, neighbors, and loved ones, and the honed instincts that would send them down that same road. In all cases, the numbers are too few. With the empire left reeling from fear and terror, its enemies among the living see an opportunity, its allies a fight that cannot be won.

Dusk, a child forced to grow up too fast. Kalle and Hella, husband and wife separated by the end of the world. Porter, a wizard in a world where magic is a death sentence. Leliya, the princess watching from
afar as her homeland withers. Tod, the boy with nothing to lose. The tales of the Valtian Empire are their tales. They are the survivors of this dark time, struggling to find the light again.

This single paperback includes all 6 tales of the Valtian Empire: Either Side of Night, The Last Captain, Forged in the Fires, Beneath the Surface, The North Wind Blows, and The Final Sacrifice. All remain available for electronic purchase ($0.99 for the first 5, $1.99 for The Final Sacrifice), and they can be downloaded in DRM-free EPUB and MOBI formats from my Patreon for a $1/month pledge.