Magic and Tech

Starting in January 2016, I am writing a series of posts about a medieval-era fantasy society with access to magic. Each post takes a look at one field of endeavor, showing some of the kinds of anachronistic technology that magic can enable and studying how those might affect the world and the people living in it.

  1. Introduction – This intro post talks about the series itself, including the worldbuilding “rules” I’m following.
  2. Travel – Officially, this is Part 1, covering modes of transportation.
  3. Information – Information technology and communication, and how the simple addition of a crystal ball can change history.
  4. Power – Physical and electrical power through magic.
  5. Weapons – Offensive capabilities made possible through the arcane. (Sorry, no fireballs.)
  6. Defenses – The opposite of offense: armor, walls, etc.
  7. Medicine – If the defenses don’t work, you’ll want to get better.
  8. Heating and cooling – Even without flame and frost spells, magic can still help us stay at the right temperature.
  9. Construction – Magic is good at destroying things, but what can it build?
  10. Art – …and can it make something beautiful?