The Beast Within

After about a year, it’s finally time to see a new book on Amazon! This one is The Beast Within, the second entry in the Endless Forms series of paranormal thrillers.

Fame is fleeting, but fear lives on forever.

The monsters are real. Cam Weir knows this. He’s seen them in the flesh, in all their naked, hideous glory. Yet he remains skeptical. Perhaps two monsters were enough for one man, for one life. Surely all those other things people see, those shadows lurking in the night, were merely products of overactive imaginations.

In most cases, they are nothing more, but not every call Cam receives can be so easily explained as a hoax. As he struggles to come to terms with his new status as a celebrity, a famous hunter of the paranormal, Cam finds that the world is strange, and it’s only becoming stranger. Now, in addition to Bigfoot, he must hunt a werewolf.

You can pick this one up on the Kindle Store for only $3.49, or in paperback (from the same link) for $9.50. Not a bad deal, if you ask me. And I’ll have it up over at my Patreon for Casual Readers, too.

Next up in this series is Change of Heart, which I’m currently writing. As always, thanks for supporting me, and keep reading!