Forged in the Fires

June 19, 2017 is the release date for “Forged in the Fires”, the third part of my fantasy series The Linear Cycle. Lighter on the action, this story focuses on the characters, the survivors of the events of the previous two stories. In particular, it’s the story of Hella, wife of Captain Kalle Varens, and her struggle to come to terms with what her world has become. As always, here’s the blurb:

As Midra, the capital of the Valtian Empire, burns under the arcane assault of the Touched, homes are destroyed, families are separated, and wills are tested.

Hella thought her husband would come for her. On the day the Touched came, he sent her away, entrusting her with the care of Arca, their young daughter. It was supposed to be a short stay at their cabin by the lake, but then the fires came to the forest around her. Now, Hella must run again, but how far is far enough? Can a shattered family survive in this new world? Will the bonds of love holding her together break under the strain, or will they be forged anew?

You can pick up “Forged in the Fires” in the Kindle Store for 99 cents, or donate to my Patreon for complete, DRM-free access to The Linear Cycle and all my other releases.