Novel Month 2017 – Day 29, evening

We’re nearing the end of both the month and the novel. Chapter 25 goes down, leaving only 5 to go. Four of those will be of the “climactic battle” variety, while the last ties up some of the loose ends and sets others aside for the potential sequel. (No, I don’t have the first thing planned for that one. Ask again this time next year.)

Tomorrow, I’ll do a lot of wrapping up, and I hope to get a few more stats put up. Obviously, this is the last day for the projected word count, but I’d like to look back and see just how prolific a writer I’ve been this month.

This session’s word count: 5,157
Total word count: 132,499
Daily average: 4,568
Last year’s cumulative total: 100,805
Projected word count: 137,067

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