‘Tis the season

I don’t believe I could say what had happened
All of those words we put into play
No longer matter, I should have known that then
I just know you’re far away
On this Christmas day
— Trans-Siberian Orchestra, “Ornament”

That’s the most depression-related text you’ll get out of me today. This is a time for positive thoughts, a chance for all of us to recapture the innocence of childhood for just a little while. Or that’s what Christmas means to me. Spend time with your family, your loved ones. Remember that charity begins at home, and it’s better to give than to receive. Take this time to consider that we can have a brighter future if we come together as one.

Today is a day for forgiveness, for salvation, and that doesn’t necessarily have to be of the spiritual sort. Whatever kind you’re seeking, I hope you find it. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.