Closing the book

Reasonable people understood that the “pandemic” of the Wuhan coronavirus, if it ever reached pandemic levels in the first place, ended around two years ago. Now, however, even the unreasonable people are starting to come to the same conclusion. This week, a federal judge in Florida overturned the ridiculous airline mask mandates, allowing anyone on a plane to breathe free once more. (Now try letting them have liquids!) Everywhere you look, the petty tyrants are desperately trying to hang on to whatever shreds of power they have left in the face of an increasing awake populace.

After an ugly two years, it’s finally looking beautiful again.

That said, there are still those out there who support mandating masks and experimental mRNA gene therapy. If you’re one of them, I want you to admit it, acknowledge it, and own it. After the torture you’ve put us through, you deserve to be proud of what you’re standing for.

Tell every toddler who now has a learning disability or speech impediment.

Tell every woman who has been sterilized and lost her chance at starting a family.

Tell every cancer patient who had to miss the screening that would find their tumor before it was too late.

Tell every grieving man who didn’t get to visit his mother on her deathbed, or hold a proper funeral afterwards.

Tell every couple who had to put off their wedding plans, or who broke up because those plans were never realized.

Tell every unemployed person who lost a job for refusing to go along with your insanity.

Tell everyone who spent weeks or months in the hospital instead of taking a few ivermectin at home and getting better.

Shout it to the world that you don’t care what reason and logic say. You’re still going to harass, coerce, and browbeat until everyone is as full of self-loathing as you must be. And then, when you’ve done that, look at all those faces. Those uncovered faces staring at you with nothing but hatred.

Because we know who you are. We know what you’ve done to us, to our lives. Though the “pandemic” is over, we will not forget.

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