Novel month 2019 – Day 1

Here we go again. Winds of Change is our title this time around. Strictly speaking, I did some worldbuilding and planning early, but that’s okay.

Today’s word count: 2,105
Projected word count: 63,150

Nothing too strenuous this year. In fact, that projected word count is a lie. This book won’t be that long. Not if I have anything to say about it, at least. But who knows where the story will take us?

Novel month 2018 wrap-up

I know it’s late, but I felt awful yesterday. I just didn’t think I’d be able to write anything, let alone a wrap-up of the last month. So here it is a day late. Seems like that fits everything else in my life right now.

Seasons Change was, by the rules of the game, a success. I completed a story of at least 50,000 words in the month of November, and I did it without stressing myself to the breaking point. (Other factors in my life took me there, of course, but that’s neither here nor there.)

The story itself isn’t my best, I’ll admit—that honor still goes to Nocturne. This one I’ll call solidly average. It didn’t have any big moments. Instead, it was more of an opening piece intended to fill in the backstory of the Otherworld. In that, I think it worked. Especially the ending, as it directly connects to Falling Into Place, the penultimate entry in the “season 2” set of Otherworld tales that I’ll bring to you in 2019.

On the writer side, I also had a lot of good fortune, relatively speaking. Except for this head cold (or whatever it is) I’ve suffered the past few days, most of the month was decent. Not great, but passable. I didn’t get into a bizarre sleeping schedule that effectively took away a writing day. The weather was both unusually clear and unseasonably cold (highs for November averaged 7 degrees below normal!), so no storms knocked me out of the zone. Debian was kind enough to hold off on any breaking upgrades. And my family made it through what’s often a tough time without too much hassle.

All in all, this year was both a nice change of pace and a great return to form. The last time I truly “won” Nanowrimo, in the sense of completing both objectives, was 2015, with The City and the Hill. Maybe that’s the trick. Otherworld seems to work for me. Which is a great thing, because I’d really like to spend more time there. It can’t be worse than here.

Novel month 2018 – Day 26

Getting close to the end now. An hour and a half wrestling with Node cut into my writing time today, but I still managed to make a good day’s worth of progress through Chapter 8. There’s action aplenty now, making up for all those boring days a couple of weeks ago. All that’s left is the finale, really.

Today’s word count: 1,932
Total word count: 46,853
Daily average: 1,802
Projected total: 54,061

Novel month 2018 – Day 25

Once more into the breach. The battle has begun. I won’t say it’s anything too interesting yet, but give me time. What little bit I have left, anyway.

So, Chapter 8 is the next to last chapter in the story. As usual, I’m using it for the big action events, while the finale will be more wrapping things up. That’s just how I roll. And I’ve got a very good chance of pulling it off now.

Today’s word count: 2,041
Total word count: 44,921
Daily average: 1,796
Projected total: 53,905

Novel month 2018 – Day 24

Tension is at an all-time high for this story. Now, it’s time for all that buildup to pay off. Chapter 7 is done, and we’ve only got 2 left. The next one is the battle I’ve spent the past week and a half preparing for. Never written a Bronze Age fight scene before, so this’ll be fun.

Today’s word count: 1,821
Total word count: 42,880
Daily average: 1,786
Projected total: 53,600

Novel month 2018 – Day 23

As day follows night, so too does Black Friday follow Thanksgiving. We’re all as stuffed as the turkeys were yesterday, but that won’t stop me from writing. I’m now most of the way through Chapter 7, and the drama is giving way to action. One more week. I think I can do this. (Oh, and you guys hope I get one of the jobs out of this next batch I applied for today, okay?)

Today’s word count: 1,926
Total word count: 41,059
Daily average: 1,785
Projected total: 53,555