Novel month 2019 – Day 12

Today’s word count: 2,470
Total word count: 28,249
Daily average: 2,354
Projected total: 70,622

Another day, another chapter. Yesterday, I finished writing my favorite character in this series. Today, I started on my least favorite. Either this will be a struggle, or I’ll speed through it in an attempt to get past her. We’ll see tomorrow, I suppose, but I’m effectively at the halfway point of the story now.

Novel month 2019 – Day 10

Today’s word count: 2,350
Total word count: 23,435
Daily average: 2,343
Projected total: 70,305

Still in Chapter 4, and it’s almost as cold in the story as in the real world. Brr. I should have this one done by tomorrow, and that’ll be the halfway point of the 50K. The midpoint of the book will be a bit after that; I’m tentatively projecting this one as 57,000. But my plans never work out, so we’ll just have to wait and see where the story goes.

Novel month 2019 – Day 6

Today’s word count: 2,522
Total word count: 13,778
Daily average: 2,296
Projected total: 68,890

Finished Chapter 2 and started on Chapter 3. This one’s starting to get fun, even if there’s no real action yet. I just like this part of the story-building. Lots of character interaction, dropping hints, and getting things ready for a big payoff in the future. That’s my favorite kind of writing.

Novel month 2019 – Day 5

Today’s word count: 2,237
Total word count: 11,256
Daily average: 2,251
Projected total: 67,536

More work on Chapter 2, but this was mostly connecting threads from previous stories. Still, we’re getting somewhere. If all goes well tomorrow, I’ll probably be able to get into Chapter 3, shifting back to Earth and the most ambitious character interaction I’ve ever written.