Let’s Make a Language

“Let’s Make a Language” is an ongoing series of posts describing the creation of two constructed languages (conlangs), Isian and Ardari. Each part of the series is divided into two parts. First is an introductory post about a specific aspect of language and how it is or can be expressed. After this follows one or two posts illustrating how the two example languages use that same aspect.

The opening, unnumbered part of this series is an introduction. The actual language construction begins afterward. For each part in this table of contents, “Intro” links to the introductory post on that topic. If Isian and Ardari each get their own post for a topic, the language name will link to that. Otherwise, they are combined into a single post labeled “Conlangs”.

  1. PhonologyIntro, Isian, Ardari
  2. Syllables and StressIntro, Conlangs
  3. Language TypesIntro, Conlangs
  4. NounsIntro, Isian, Ardari
  5. VerbsIntro, Isian, Ardari
  6. Word OrderIntro, Conlangs
  7. AdjectivesIntro, Isian, Ardari
  8. PronounsIntro, Conlangs
  9. Prepositional PhrasesIntro, Conlangs
  10. Relative ClausesIntro, Conlangs
  11. AdverbsIntro, Conlangs
  12. QuestionsIntro, Conlangs

Special posts in this series include: