Novel month 2020 – Day 15

Today’s word count: 1,860
Total word count: 25,329
Daily average: 1,688
Projected total: 50,658

Sometimes, you just have to end a chapter early. That’s what I did today. It wasn’t because I was tired of writing. No, the narrative left me with the perfect ending for Chapter 2, so I took it. Amazing how I’m in the 5th book of a series, and I’m still able to provide perspective on what happened in the prologue of Innocence Reborn!

Novel month 2020 – Day 10

Today’s word count: 2,768
Total word count: 17,713
Daily average: 1,771
Projected total: 53,139

Wow. Didn’t even realize I’d written that much today. Chapter 1 is down, and it ended with a big reveal, namely that I finally did break down and start making an alien conlang. Yep, the not-really-bad guys now have names that aren’t necessarily pronounceable by human mouths. Oh, and I got some good technobabble in, too!

Novel month 2020 – Day 8

Today’s word count: 2,196
Total word count: 12,824
Daily average: 1,603
Projected total: 48,090

More work on Chapter 1, and I’m moving the action around. Tori is fun because of her sheer exuberance when it comes to anything space-related, while Lucas is always down to earth, even when he’s on a different planet. So contrast, which is necessary for the story I’m building.