Novel month 2019 – Day 27 (finale)

Total word count: 58,071

And that’s a wrap. Chapter 9 done. Story done. One more notch on my belt, the 8th in a row. To recap:

  • 2012: Heirs of Divinity
  • 2013: Out of the Past
  • 2014: Before I Wake
  • 2015: The City and the Hill
  • 2016: Nocturne
  • 2017: The Soulstone Sorcerer
  • 2018: Seasons Change: An Othersides Story
  • 2019: Winds of Change

Nothing more to say, really. This one was fun and frustrating both, but I’m glad I chose to return to the Otherworld. What’s next for me? I don’t know, but I’ll be sure to tell you when I find it. Until then, thank you, and keep reading!

Release: Future in Sight (Return to the Otherworld 8)

This is it, the end of the line. Well, at least for this season. Here’s Future in Sight, Part 8 of Return to the Otherworld.

This is no longer the other world. For those who dwell here, whether by birth or choice, it is home.

Seven have now crossed the stars to take this place as their own, and their reasons are as unique as their personalities. Knowledge, science, acceptance, love, or lust, the outcome is the same. They are the colonists, the pioneers, and their numbers, they know, will grow with each passing year.

But being in this world means becoming a part of it, with all that entails. In a place no longer foreign, they are drawn into politics, intrigue, the games of a land not their own. Those around them, their families, friends, apprentices, and students, can do little but come along for the ride, and that ride is reaching its roughest section yet.

Last time, it was all about Earth. This time, it’s all about the Otherworld. Specifically, this story only has POVs from characters who live there. Whether they were born there, or simply moved, the Otherworld is their home and this is their story. And it’s about to get a lot bigger.

But not this year. Future in Sight marks the end of 2019, at least as far as this setting is concerned. Next year, I’ll be back with 6 new “bridge” stories, a set I’m calling Tales of Two Worlds. And then, in 2021, I hope to bring out Season 3 of the “main” series, which I’ve tentatively titles Adventures in the Otherworld. I’ll see you then!

Novel month 2019 – Day 24

Today’s word count: 1,412
Total word count: 52,889
Average word count: 2,203

No need for a projected total word count, since I’ve already crossed the 50K mark. All that matters now is finishing the story. While I didn’t get too far into Chapter 9 today, I do think I can reach the end by Wednesday. One thing I’m thankful for: Thanksgiving being so late this year.

Novel month 2019 – Day 23

Today’s word count: 2,613
Total word count: 51,477
Daily average: 2,238
Projected total: 67,143

Done with Chapter 8, done with 50K. But I’m not done with the story, so we’ll keep going. This chapter was just fun to write, because it’s a character in a situation I don’t (and technically can’t) fully understand, but also a character getting her first introduction to the Otherworld. So it was a challenge, but with that great sense of exploration I so love. Chapter 9 is sort of the same, but it’s also the finale. Time to pull out all the stops, you know?

Novel month 2019 – Day 22

Today’s word count: 2,403
Total word count: 48,864
Daily average: 2,221
Projected total: 66,632

(Note: I typoed my numbers yesterday. That should be fixed now.)

The band is back together. That’s really what this whole story was about, getting the third expedition into the other world and ready for their next adventure. For the remaining chapter and a half, I’ll mostly be setting up the pieces for future entries, but there’s still a little more of the “man vs. environment” conflict I so enjoy. And tomorrow should be the big 50K day, so keep your fingers crossed.

Novel month 2019 – Day 21

Today’s word count: 1,943
Total word count: 46,461
Daily average: 2,212
Projected total: 66,372

(Edit 11/21/19: Fixed my arithmetic.)

Ah, the penultimate chapter. Time for me to make things happen. Chapter 8 always holds a special place in my writing, for some reason. No idea why. It just seems to work out that way. This one’s a little different, but I’ll still try to make it great.

Novel month 2019 – Day 20

Today’s word count: 2,620
Total word count: 44,518
Daily average: 2,225
Projected total: 66,759

Done with Chapter 7, and done with Earth. The last two chapters take place entirely in the other world, and they’re through the eyes of people who have never been there. So I get my exploration in, even as I’m wrapping up the story. I think it worked out. First time for everything, right?

Novel month 2019 – Day 19

Today’s word count: 1.788
Total word count: 41,898
Daily average: 2,205
Projected total: 66,154

More Chapter 7 today, and I left off on the verge of probably the most important moment in the whole story: the transport. That’s right. Tomorrow, I’ll finally get the crew off Earth and into the other world where they belong. Now, there may be chapters in later episodes that come back to our planet (I did that in Season 2), but we’re fast approaching the point where the action takes place in a world not our own. I can’t wait.